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Sydney pest control company Micropest offers a number of services of which are conducted by experienced, licensed, and insured pest control operators. The following Sydney pest services are in alphabetical order briefly describing how we carry out each specific pest control Sydney treatment.

Termite Inspection

 Pest Control Ants

Ants are a major issue in Sydney and the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of ant pest control products on the market with only a few that have any major impact on the ant colonies. Micropest uses a gel called Advion gel. It comes in a syringe applicator and a drop the size of a match head is put on their busy track and they start eating it straight away. It’s very palatable to them.

We apply the initial treatment and educate you on how to apply the following treatments. It’s a three-day process and it is designed to eradicate the entire colony. Ants are so transient and breed very rapidly so you will always have intermittent issues with ants so the leftover Advion gel used correctly should last you a couple of years. For further information about ant pest control or any other Sydney pest control services telephone our office or refer to Ants and ant control methods Sydney by Micropest Pest Control Sydney.

Pest Control Ants.

Pest Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are probably one of the most annoying and feared insects in Sydney. I’ve been in the pest control industry for over thirty-five years and only after the Olympic Games did bed bugs become prevalent in Sydney. Up to that time, I might have treated bed bugs once or twice a year instead of ten to fifth-teen times a week.

When Sydney pest control company Micropest carries out a bed bug pest control treatment initially we get you to put all your bedding in the dryer for thirty minutes on high heat. This is hot enough to kill all the bed bug eggs and bed bugs at every stage of maturity. Wash and vacuum the floors, bed frame, and couch. Remove the mattress from the bedroom and put it in the lounge and vacuum thoroughly.

The next stage of a bed bug pest control service is for us to spray strategic areas around the bed frame, couches, and all the skirtings in the residence with a treatment called Ficam wettable powder. After this, we spray all the floors and bed frames with Cislin 25 which is odorless, stainless, and safe bed bug pest control treatment. Finally, we get you to vacate the premises for one or two hours depending on the weather, because the floors are wet and we don’t want you to slip. When you occupy the house again we get you to put a bed bug mattress protector over your mattress. The bed bug mattress protector stays on the mattress for twelve months.

The final stage of a bed bug pest control service is a second treatment of the floors, bed frames, and couches with cislin 25. We also get any feedback from you and inspect for any sign of active bed bugs. At this stage, most of the time the bed bugs have been eradicated. Micropest then supplies you with a twelve-month service free warranty.

If you are unfortunate enough to have bed bugs and you require a bed bug pest control treatment or further information please don’t hesitate to telephone the office or refer to bed bugs, facts ,symptoms and treatments.

Bed bugs,eggs,babys and adults.

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