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Micropest pest control Darlinghurst provides for all your pest problems.  Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest and safest pest control, termite control, and termite inspection technology. The most common pests locally are bed bugs, German cockroaches, rats, and termites.




Gerard Dallow is employed by Micropest Pest Control Darlinghurst to service the local area, he has been in the industry for over thirty-five years and has accumulated an extensive pest control knowledge of the local area.

Micropest Pest Control Darlinghurst

Micropest pest control Sydney provides an effective, safe, affordable, and high standard of service to all our customers, both residential and commercial. We do know what we are doing, and our customers are happy as reflected by the high number of google reviews.

Sydney Pest Control Darlinghurst is a safe pet friendly pest control company.

For any further information about Micropest pest control Darlinghurst or the services we provide, please do not hesitate to telephone your local Micropest Pest Control Sydney office situated in  43 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW 2064 1300 884166 (14 min (10.8 km) via M1) or likewise email us.

Discover the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of Darlinghurst – the heart of the city. With its funky cafes, multicultural restaurants, and intimate cocktail bars, this inner-city gem is a hub of high-energy. Experience the vibrant LGBT scene on Oxford Street, home to pulsating nightclubs and stylishly restored pubs. Explore the edgy shops on Crown Street, where you can find everything from records to vintage apparel. Immerse yourself in art galleries, independent theatre companies, and live music venues that attract a young and chic crowd. Don’t miss out on this serious hotspot in Sydney.

Postal code: 2010
Area: 0.8 km2 (0.3 sq mi)
Local government authority: City of Sydney
Location: Just 1 km (1 mi) east of Sydney CBD
Population: 10,615 (as of SAL 2021)

Darlinghurst Customer Testimonials

To whom it may concern.

I want to thank Gerard from Micropest Pest Control Darlinghurst for doing such a great job in getting rid of my German Cockroaches. I lived with them for six months and drowned them with cockroach spray every day, but they did not die. No matter what the television ads portray. The sprays do not work on German Cockroaches; they might kill them, but they do not get rid of them. The man from Micropest came and put a Cockroach gel around my kitchen and bathroom. Within a week, I had no more cockroaches. Very impressed, recommend Micropest any time.



To whom it may concern.

The man from Micropest Pest Control Darlinghurst was very efficient, effective, and punctual. I would wake up every morning and find the largest cockroaches you have ever seen in the bathroom. After his pest control treatment, I have been only finding dead cockroaches for the last six months. Good job.

Terrance Chapel


To whom it may concern.

I lived in shared accommodation in Darlinghurst and had a major bed bug infestation in our terrace. We tried to save money and bought some bed bug dirt on line for two hundred dollars. We put it everywhere in the hope to get rid of our bed bugs. It didn’t work and made it worse.

My flatmate went online, and we contracted a well known Sydney pest control company to eradicate our bed bugs. They came around and sprayed the house and charged us eight hundred dollars for the privilege. They provided us with a three-month warranty. When they sprayed, they put chemicals everywhere, and it smelt for days. Where we originally put the bed bug dirt we bought, that turned to mud and looked disgusting.

The bed bugs subsided a little for a two to three months an on the third was back with a vengeance. We rang up the well known Sydney pest control company who told us we would have to pay again because we were out of warranty. After all this work, money and discomfort we were back to square one.

A friend of ours referred us to Micropest Pest Control in Chippendale. We were very wary at this stage and were at our wit’s end. His Quote was.


12 months warranty.

6-bed bug mattress protectors.

Need at least two visits.

One of the payments and promised us they would keep on coming back until the bed bugs are gone. No more to pay.

We contracted Micropest to eradicate our bed bugs. Their approach was totally different, a lot more work, very methodical and thorough. The impact after the first treatment was instantaneous. No one got bitten at all. Gerard came back for the second treatment in a month and gave it a light spray.

Words of wisdom.

Never try to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Always do your research. Make sure you get a rock-solid 12-month warranty. Ring Micropest.  Thank God for Micropest.


Rebbecca Holt


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  1. Hi,

We are searching for a new pest control company doing monthly services (on-call) in our four Backpackers in Kings Cross Area.

Our four Hostels are placed in Potts Point, Woolloomooloo, and Darlinghurst and have an average amount of 120 beds.

The problems in the hostels are German Cockroaches (also American Cockroaches and bed bugs, but not very often)

Our hostels have the following areas:

Hostel 1       45 bedrooms, four storage rooms, kitchen, tv room, reception, five bathrooms blocks, and rooftop

Hotel 2      20 bedrooms, kitchen, TV room, reception, five bathrooms, and a huge courtyard/dining area

Hostel 3     16 bedrooms (all on one floor), kitchen, TV room, two big bathroom blocks, kitchen, and a big rooftop

Hotel 4     19  bedrooms, kitchen, TV room, small courtyard, ca. 6 bathrooms

Our newest Hostel is getting now renovated, and as it is infested, we will need a full service (every room and area) for German and American Cockroaches(only on the rooftop) in it.

Please provide a quote for the hostel and an offer for future services in our other hostels.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


2) Comments: Hello

I’m located in the Darlinghurst area. I’ve noticed of late a few cockroaches in and around the kitchen and bathroom areas of my apartment. I can’t remember the last time it was sprayed, so I’d like to organize a treatment. I’ve seen both the German and regular variety of roach.

3) Hi Gerard,

Thank you again for helping us to figure out whether or not we have bed bugs. I know you’re busy with a lot of people to help, so we do appreciate the time you’ve taken.

Thinking through this more, I’ve found a  few more pictures of the bites that might be helpful to see. Maybe it’s possible that we haven’t seen any bed bugs yet, but they are there based on the below?

In addition to the big swollen bumps, my girlfriend also has these smaller ones that typically appear in triangles of 3 and last longer (closer to a week)

We also found these stains on her pillow after developing a reaction consisting of 3 bites on her neck. Is it possible that this is bed bug faces? The pillowcases and sheets are brand new.

She also got a swollen lip one time and has been getting swollen lymph nodes for some reason as well.

Generally, her bites are appearing on the back of her knees, around her butt, on her hands, and usually, wear clothing ends, and skin begins.

Could it be possible that we have a combination of pests (i.e. bed bugs, mites, fleas, and/or spiders) due to the multiple types of bites? Our landlord did previously have cats at our apartment.

Thank you again for your kindness in helping us, Gerard. I hope you are having a pleasant week.

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