Micropest pest control Castlecrag. Micropest pest control Castlecrag is your local pest control company situated in the Lower North Shore. We specialise in environmentally and pet friendly  pest control. Micropest Pest control Castlecrag have being servicing the Castlecrag area for over ten years and all our pest control operators have being in the industry for over twenty years and are fully licenced and insured.

PEST CONTROL CASTLECRAGMicropest pest control Castlecrag is an industry leader when it comes to using proven and highly effective pest control treatments available on the market. We are a enviromentaly responsible pest control company who uses safe and pet friendly products made and designed by Bayer whom have a long term safety product history. Environmentally safe service for our residential and commercial clients.


For any further information about Micropest pest control Castlecrag or the services they provide please do not hesitate to telephone 1300 243 377 or likewise email us on


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Janice Watkins our usual Castle Craig pest control company was not available to carry out a wasp control treatment urgently on our house so we decided to take the plunge and call MicroPest pest control Castlecrag. As like many people you look on the Internet and is very hard to distinguish a good company from the bad, it was a good-looking guy that was on the front page of the Internet site that clinched it. After explaining to the Micropest man on the telephone that we had two toddlers under the age of four living in our house and we were very concerned about the children been stung by the wasps he decided to drop everything and come around straight away. It was a fast effective wasp control service that we were very grateful for. Within 30 min the wasps had passed on. I can confidently and sincerely recommend MicroPest pest control for any pest control services you may require.

Yours sincerely

Janice Watkins



Ant pest control Castle Craig.

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Gerard from MicroPest for finally giving us the ability to eliminate an ant problem we have had for over 10 years. It was incredible. To get rid of ants you have to feed them not spray them. Any residual sprays will generally only last week or two where as if you apply an ant bait called advion gel made by DuPont once a day on active life ants for approximately four days you eliminate the whole ant colony. We have tried every an bait and and spray that you can purchase in the supermarket but nothing comes anywhere near the effectiveness of advion gel. Micropest is a good company with honest pest control operators that I can confidently refer to anyone reading this Castle Craig pest control testimonial.

Yours sincerely

David Prince.

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