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Micropest pest control Camperdown is a local leading provider of pest and termite control services, closest office located in 43 Whiting St, Artarmon NSW 2064. We are a prominent, affordable, family-owned pest control company which services both commercial pest control and residential pest control.




Gerard Dallow leads our termite inspection and control services with unmatched expertise. Starting in the late 1980s, Gerard has personally conducted over:

14,000 termite inspections

20,000 pest control treatments

7,000 termite control treatments

With hundreds of glowing Google reviews, Gerard sets a high standard in the industry. Our team of specialists boasts over thirty-five years of experience, ensuring top-notch service every time. Rest assured, we don’t use apprentices, franchisees, or contractors—only seasoned professionals.


Micropest pest control Camperdown is a professional company that only uses environmentally safe products and methods for our pest control services, which have a limited impact on the environment. We emphasise using the latest cutting edge technology in our industry and lead the search for different and effective ways to control your pests in a sustainable way that does not compromise future generations.


For any further information about Micropest pest control Camperdown or the services they provide, please do not hesitate to telephone or Chippendale office on 1300 884166 or likewise email us.

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I found the man from Micropest Pest Control Camperdown to be on time, fast and effective. Recommend any time.



Camperdown Emails, Questions, Answers


My name is Ben. I am currently living in Camperdown, and have just moved into a new room, and have borrowed a friends mattress. I have just noticed after two weeks a few bites on myself, and tonight I woke up to a bed bug biting me. I am 100% certain they are bed bugs, as I turned on the light and searched for more, finding around ten which I killed. Bloodstains are on the sheets, and they match he pictures. Would be really great to get rid of them asap, so was hoping you could come and exterminate them, and consequently what your rates are. I will ring tomorrow, and would ideally hope for you too come on Monday.

Thank you


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